Northern Oral Language and Writing Through Play

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Our Previous Team

Project Director:

Dr. Shelley Stagg Peterson

Shelley, a former elementary teacher in rural Alberta, has examined students’ writing development and writing assessment in her research. Working with northern Ontario teachers as co-researchers, she has explored ways to support Indigenous and non-Indigenous children’s oral language development.


Dr. Clare Brett

Dr. Laurie Hellsten-Bzovey

Dr. Jim Hewitt

Dr. Karen Rempel

Dr. Laureen J. McIntyre

Dr. Jean Paul Restoule


Ann Anderson
Jim Anderson
Resi Damhuis
Helen Hedges
Laura Horton
Susan Jones
Douglas Kaufman
Maureen Kendrick
Clare Kosnik
Eva Lindgren
Debra Myhill
Judith Margaret Parr
Marianne McTavish
Sharla Peltier
Dianne Riehl
Sandra Styres
Gisela Wajskop
Angela Ward
Dale Willows
Eefje van der Zalm

Post-doctoral Fellows:

Christine Portier (U. Toronto Team)
Nicola Friedrich (U. Toronto Team)
Yolanda Palmer-Clarke (U. Sask Team)

Digital Media Specialist:

Audrey Madsen

Data Manager:

Audrey Madsen

Student Researchers:

Alison Altidor
Nazila Eisazadeh
Kate Gibb
Denise Heppner
Soon Young Jang
Jade Kim
Alesia Malec
Shakina Rajendram
Jayson San Miguel
Christine Tjandra

Research Assistants:

Melissa Beauregard
Anita Cloutier
Jacob Dominico
Miga Kim
Jeannie Larson
Audrey Madsen
Dean Marino
Sidney Masuga
Charlene Pan
Allison Ritchie