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Our Most Recent Scholarly Articles

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Articles with a Play Focus

Altidor-Brooks, A., Malec, A., & Peterson, S.S. (2020). Young children’s use of narrative strategies and the role of the teacher as side coach in dramatic play. Education 3-13, 48(6), 661-673.

Hedges, H., Peterson, S.S., & Wajskop, G. (2018). Play in kindergarten curricula across three continents: A cultural analysis. International Journal of Play, 7(1), 11-26.

Peterson, S.S., Madsen, A., San Miguel, J., & Jang, S.Y. (2018). Children’s rough and tumble play: Perspectives of teachers in northern Canadian Indigenous communities. Early Years: An International Research Journal, 38(1), 53-67.

Peterson, S.S., Portier, C., & Murray, A. (2017). The role of play at home and in kindergarten and grade one: Parents’ perceptions.  Journal of Childhood Studies, 42(1), 1-10.

Wajskop, G. (2017). “Literate Playing”—An Oral Language Empowerment Strategy for Underprivileged Children. Language and Literacy, 19(2), 33-50.

Peterson, S.S., Anderson, J., Kendrick, M., McTavish, M., Budd, K., Mayer, D., McIntyre, L.J., Ntelioglou, B.Y., & Riehl, D. (2016). Examining rhetorics of play in curricula in five provinces: Is play at risk in Canadian kindergartens? Canadian Journal of Education39(3), 1-26.

Peterson, S.S., & Riehl, D. (2016). Rhetorics of play in kindergarten curricula in an era of accountability. Brock Education Journal, 25(2), 22-34.

Wajskop, G., & Peterson, S.S. (2016). Literatura infantil, brincadeiras e experiências narrativas. [Children’s literature, plays and narratives experiences].  Revista Patio – Educação Infantil, 46. 

Peterson, S.S., Forsyth, D., & McIntyre, L. (2015). Balancing play-based learning with curricular mandates—Considering the views of northern Canadian teachers and early childhood educators. Canadian Children, 40(3), 40-47.

Wajskop, G., & Peterson, S.S. (2015). “Brincar Letrado” ou como literatura e brincadeira constituem um apoio às experIências narrativas das crianças. [“Literate Playing”: How literature and play support children’s narrative experience]. Patio Educacão Infantil, 46(14), 20-23.

Articles with a Writing Focus

Friedrich, N., Portier, C., & Peterson, S.S. (2020). Investigating the transition from the personal signs of drawing to the social signs of writing. International Journal of Early Years Education,

Friedrich, N., Portier, C., & Peterson, S.S. (2019). Identifying Patterns in and Relationships Between Rural Canadian Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Children’s Graphic Representations and Their Talk. Language and Literacy21(1), 39-56.

Peterson, S.S., Parr, J., Lindgren, E., & Kaufman, D. (2018). Conceptualizations of writing in early years curricula: International perspectives. Curriculum Journal, 29(4), 499-521.

Parr, J. (2017). Early writers in northern communities: Ways teachers might view and reflect on writers’ representations. Language and Literacy, 19(2), 90-108.

Peterson, S.S., McIntyre, L., & Forsyth, D. (2016). Supporting young children’s oral language and writing development: Teachers’ and early childhood educators’ goals and practices. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 41(3), 11-19.

Articles with a Oral and Nonverbal Communication Focus

Peterson, S.S., Jang, S.Y., & Tjandra, C. (2020). Young children as playwrites and their participation in classroom peer culture of sociodramatic play. Journal of Early Childhood Research, 18(3), 227-242.

Peterson, S.S., & Rajendram, S. (2019). Teacher-child and peer talk in collaborative writing and writing-mediated play: Primary classrooms in Northern Canada.  Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, 42(1), 28-39.

Peterson, S.S., Eisazadeh, N., Rajendram, S., & Portier, C. (2018). Young children’s language uses during play and implications for classroom assessment. Australasian Journal of Early Childhood, 43(2), 23-31.

Peterson, S.S., & Brooks, A.A. (2018). Using social knowledge while interacting at the classroom sand center: Facework and cohesion strategies. Journal of Early Childhood Research, 16(4), 421-435.

Damhuis, R., & van der Zalm, E. (2017). A provocative approach for communication with low-proficient children: Examining how the interactive role of teachers and children changes. Language and Literacy, 19(2), 51-71.

Eisazadeh, N., Rajendram, S., Portier, C., & Peterson, S.S. (2017). Indigenous children’s use of language during play in rural northern Canadian kindergarten classrooms. Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice, 22, 1-16.

Malec, A., Peterson, S.S., & Elshereif, H. (2017). Assessing young children’s oral language: Principles, practices and recommendations for policyCanadian Journal of Education, 40(3), 362-392.

McIntyre, L.J., Hellsten, L.M., Bidonde, J., Boden, C., & Doi, C. (2017). Receptive and expressive English language assessments used for young children: A scoping review protocolSystematic Reviews, 6:70.

Ntelioglou, B.Y., & Peterson, S.S. (2017). Exploring language, literacy, and identity connections through play-based education in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities. Language and Literacy, 19(2), 1-3.

Ntelioglou, B.Y., Peterson, S.S., & McIntyre, L.J. (2017). NOW Play: Northern oral language and writing through play. Research Connections, 3(4), n. pg.

Peterson, S.S. (2016). Developing a play-based communication assessment through collaborative action research with teachers in northern Canadian Indigenous communities. Literacy, 51(1), 36-43.

Articles on Collaborative Action Research with Indigenous Schools

Peterson, S. S., Robinson, R.B. (2020). Rights of Indigenous Children: Reading Children’s Literature through an Indigenous Knowledges Lens. Education Science, 10, 281. 

Peterson, S.S., Jang, S.Y., San Miguel, J., Styres, S., & Madsen, A. (2018). Infusing Indigenous knowledge and epistemologies: Learning from teachers in northern Aboriginal Headstart classrooms. McGill Journal of Education, 53(1), 26-46.

Peterson, S.S., McIntyre, L., & Heppner, D. (2018). Northern rural and Indigenous teachers’ experiences and perceptions of rural teaching and teacher education. Journal of Teacher Education and Educators, 7(3), 189-205.

Anderson, J., Horton, L., Kendrick, M., & McTavish, M. (2017). Children’s funds of knowledge in a rural northern Canadian community: A telling case. Language and Literacy, 19(2), 20-32.

Peltier, S. (2017). An Anishinaabe perspective on children’s language learning to inform “Seeing the Aboriginal Child”. Language and Literacy, 19(2), 4-19.

Peterson, S.S., McIntyre, L., & Glaés-Coutts, L. (2017). Collaborative action research in Northern Canadian rural and Indigenous schools: Learning about young children’s oral language in play contexts. Educational Action Research,

Williamson, J., & Hedges, H. (2017). Empowering language: Lenses of knowing, being and doing. Language and Literacy, 19(2), 72-89.

Peterson, S.S., Horton, L., & Restoule, J.P. (2016). Toward a shift in expectations and values: What we’ve learned from collaborative action research in northern Indigenous communities.Canadian Journal of Action Research17(2), 19-32.


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