Northern Oral Language and Writing Through Play


Shelley Stagg Peterson

Shelley Stagg Peterson

Laureen McIntyre

Laureen McIntyre

Karen Rempel

Our research goals are to support young children’s oral language and writing through play and to build teaching capacity in northern rural communities. Our focus is on children, educators, families and community caregivers in northern rural and Indigenous communities from Alberta in the west through to Ontario in central Canada. An extensive network of partners and collaborators working together to address the need for theoretical, empirical and practical work in the area of young children’s oral language and writing development.

The overarching objectives of the partnership are to:

  • Improve literacy and school achievement of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children in northern rural communities
  • Contribute to contextualized theory development in oral language and writing
  • Strengthen and sustain research and teaching capacity in northern Canadian communities, and
  • Create and evaluate the effectiveness of a professional development model tailored to the needs of educators in northern communities.

Miigwetch to Red Bear Robinson for his Ojibwe translation

Ndoo-ndagkenjige dibaamjiganinaanin aawnoon saw ii- aasgaabwitongig binoojiinyag giigidowaad miinwaa dazhbiigewinwaa epiichi damnowaad miinwaa wii-aasgaawitamaang kinoomaadwin giiwednong dazhiikewinan. Nginwaabmaanaanig binoojiinyag, ekinoomaagejig, ngodoodegizjig miinwaa dazhiike naagdawendjigejig oodi sa giiwedinong oodenaanswining miinwaa Shkwanganing oodi Epangishmog nikeying Alberta ezhnikaadeg piish manpii nikeying Ontario ezhnikaadeg naanaawiying Canada. Niibna e-maamwewzijig nyaadmaadjig wiiji-nokiimdiwag wii-wiindmaagewaad nonj nikeying menwezing nokiiwin wi sa nikeying binoojiinh wii-giigidowaad miinwaa wii-maajii-zhibiigewaad.

Nonda dash andawenjiganan etemgag omaa wiidookodaadwining aawanoon:

  • Naanawitong nishnaabe miinwaa go nishnaabewisigwaa binoojiinyag wii-mno-maajiishkaawin kinoomaagewining oodi sa giiwedinong dazhiikewining
  • Miigweng sa maawanji-mno-ozhichigewin maanpii sa giigidowining miinwaa zhibiigewining
  • Mashkowiziitong miinwaa aasgaabwitong ndagkenjigewin miinwa kinoomaagewin oodi sa Giiwednong dazhiikewinan etegin Canada ezhnikaadeg, miinwaa
  • Wii-giizhtong miinwaa wii-aanji-ganawaamjigaadeg ezhi-nokiimgag maanda sa kinoomaagewin ezhtamaagaazwaad ekinoomaagejig oodi sa giiwednong dazhiikewining.

The NOW Play Publication’s Second Volume of Activities is Here!!

About the book:

Drawn from our NOW Play action research projects with educators who work in northern rural and Indigenous communities, this book offers 19 of their collaborative, creative, curriculum activities (CCCAs). We define CCCAs as learning activities where small groups of children play with materials/objects, as well as with ideas and narratives from various texts, to create written, digital, dramatic, dance, musical, visual arts or other types of products together. In the process, they learn content-area curriculum concepts and solve problems that arise in playing with objects and ideas, and playing alongside one another. CCCAs are authentic learning experiences that build on what children know and can do, and contribute to learning that extends far beyond the curriculum expectations for each grade.

Creative Collaborative Curriculum Activities:
Play Learning Kindergarten to Grade 2, Volume 2


  • NOW Play Publication releases second volume of Creative Collaborative Curriculum Activities (CCCAs). Click here for a FREE digital copy!
  • Christine Portier, Shelley Stagg Peterson, and Nicola Friedrich presented at the SIG Writing annual conference in Antwerp, Brussels at the end of August. They shared initial analysis of the huge data collection of over 150 writing samples from young northern Canadian children.
  • The NOW Play Project team recently presented at the International Literacy Association’s annual conference, this year hosted in Austin, TX. Click here to see our presenters in action.
  • The NOW Play Project team led four presentations at the recent Congress 2018 Conference. Congress 2018 was hosted by the University of Regina in Regina, Saskatchewan. The theme for this year’s Congress was “Gathering diversities | mâmawinitotân nanâtohk-ayisiyiniwa”. Click here to view the photo album on Facebook for the highlights!
  • See our full complement on our Conference list on our Presentations page