Northern Oral Language and Writing Through Play


Built on previous project (2013–2020), the Northern Oral Language and Writing through Play (NOW Play) partnership has expanded to include early childhood educators, teachers, parents/caregivers and community members from Indigenous communities, as well as university researchers in Canada, New Zealand and Sweden. Our goals are to:


  • improve Indigenous children’s educational achievement and enhance their Indigenous language and cultural knowledge;
  • contribute to theory in Indigenous education, early childhood education, and language and literacy learning and pedagogy;
  • strengthen and sustain research and teaching capacity in northern Indigenous communities

Our website introduces you to our team and the ongoing work of the NOW Play project, from its early days to the present.

Gii-aankeschigaade maanda shkwaach gaa-zhichgaadegiba (2013-2020) maanda sa Giiwedno’ Nwe’ewin miinwaa Damno’ Zhibiigewin wiiji-nokiimdiwin gii-zhiibataachgaade wii-dgongaazwaad binoojiinhan eknoomowaajin, eknoomaagejig, e-kognaawsijig miinwaa shkonganing endadaajig, miinwaa go sphi-gkinoomaagewgamgong nanaandawi-gikenjigejig manpii Canada ezhnikaadeg, New Zealand miinwaa Sweden ezhnikaadegin akiin.


Nonda waa-wiikji-gshkitong:

  • wii-nanaawitong Nishnaabe binoojiihag gkinoomaagzi-gshkewziwin miinwaa wii-nakijigaadeg wda-Nishnaabemowiniwaa miinwaa wda-naadiziwinwaa
  • wii-miigweng gkendaaswin zhe sa Nishnaabe gkinoomaagziwin, shki-binoojiinh-gkinoomaagziwin miinwaa new’ewin miinwaa nisidotaawini-gkinoomaagziwin miinwaa binoojiinh gkinomaagziwin
  • wii-mshkowgaabwitong miinwaa wii-zhaabwitong nanaandawi-gikenjigewin miinwaa gkinoomaagewin giiwedino nishnaabe dazhiikewinan

Nda-zabiikaaning ka-mooknimaagoom waaji-nokiimhig miinwaa nokiiwin enkiitmowaad Damno’ Zhibiigewin Wiidoodaagewin, yeshki-maajtaang piish nongwa megwaa.

Miigwetch to Red Bear Robinson for his translation from English to Anishinaabemowin.

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Land Acknowledgment

We wish to acknowledge that our NOW Play project operates on the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the Anishinabek Nation and the Huron-Wendat Nation, who have been the stewards of this land from time immemorial. As Treaty 13 members with the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, we have shared responsibility to sustain, respect and care for the land and to live in a good way with First Nation, Inuit and Métis communities who continue to thrive and work towards a better future.