Northern Oral Language and Writing Through Play

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Writing & Drawing Exemplars

In this book, we describe samples of the most frequently-occurring responses to our Drawing, Writing, and Talking Task (DWTT) Protocol for four-year olds in their first year of kindergarten, for five-year olds in their first and second years of kindergarten, and for six-year-olds in grade one. See how children expand their abilities as they practice letters and graphic symbols with teacher, assistant, and parent encouragement.

Creative Collaborative Curriculum Activities (CCCA)

Our CCCA Collection

The activities in these two collections were produced by teachers and partners in the NOW Play Project to promote playful learning for students in pre-kindergarten to grade 2. Check out the dozens of ideas to bring into your classroom or learning centre by clicking on each book cover!

Teachers and Early Childhood Educators have been creating and implementing CCCAs in their classrooms throughout the project. WATCH THE VIDEO below on how three participating teachers brought CCCAs into their kindergarten classrooms.

Classroom Assessment Tools

To learn about how teachers have used this assessment tool in their classrooms CLICK HERE.
Can be found in the 2021 issue of
Michigan Reading Journal

Articles for Teachers

Play & Literacies

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Oral Language

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Indigenous Culture and Identity

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