Northern Oral Language and Writing Through Play

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Listen to Dr. Shelley Stagg Peterson respond to some recent Frequently Asked Questions about the NOW Play Project.
1.Describe the current phase of the project.

2. Describe a typical site visit to a community.

3. Why is is so important to physically visit communities when they are so far away?

Professor Donna Forsyth comments on how vital play is to children’s development, but the amount of time they spend playing is reduced: 

Professor Laureen McIntyre observes that play is not only important for children’s development, but improves teachers’ skills as well:


Dr. Shelley Stagg Peterson addresses questions from 2014:

1. Why does your research focus on northern rural communities?

Shelley outlines the various challenges and universal assumption that remote northern areas are assumed to have the same needs as in the south

2. How many schools/sites are participating in the project?

Shelley describes the three school divisions and three First Nations communities’ schools that are taking part

3. What problem is the NOWPlay team investigating?

Shelley describes our scope of oral language and writing development within play settings

4. What are the goals of your research study?

Shelley describes the goal to develop assessment tools and where they are indicated for use

5. Why is this research study important?

Professor Shelley Stagg Peterson speaks to an identified lack of children’s language and literacy foundations:

6. What is the age range of the students you are working with?

Shelley describes how we serve children ages 4-7 in a variety of education settings and levels

7. Who is this project expected to benefit?

Teachers, parents, educators, and especially young children…



8. What provinces are participating in your research?

Shelley lists the 4 provinces

9. Which academic institutions are involved in this project?

Shelley describes the involvement of the 3 Canadian universities that are taking part

10. Who are the community partners for the project?

Shelley lists the ever-growing list of our community partners. Would you like to be one of them?

11. Is this project funded?

Shelley identifies the SSHRC partnership program that funds our Project


12. What is the timeframe for this research project

Shelley outlines the structure of the phases of the 7-year project that started in 2014