Northern Oral Language and Writing Through Play

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Looking for snapshots of our research?

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Oral Language Assessment

Oral Language and Play

Professional Development

NOW Play Minute Series

Click to the left for your NOW Play Minute on Young Children’s Use of Narrative Strategies and the Role of the Teacher as Side Coach in Dramatic Play by Alison Altidor, Alesia Malec & Shelley Stagg Peterson.

Click to the right for your NOW Play Minute on Supporting Children’s Vocabulary and Thinking in the Magic Potion Laboratory: A Reflective Conversation Amongst Educators by Janice Greenberg, Pamela Bowels, Shelley Stagg Peterson & Alison Altidor.

If you click here to the left, we provide three main takeaways from, “That’s a Home Run”: Assessing Young Children’s Writing Multimodally by Nazila Eisazadeh, Alison Altidor & Shelley Stagg Peterson